【ENIX】What kind of games did they release before the merger? What games did ENIX, the predecessor of SQUARE ENIX, release?

Hello everyone. Today, I'd like to talk about a company named ENIX that we briefly touched upon when introducing SQUARE ENIX previously! This is Boss from Retro Video Game Republic!
【SQUARE】Now famous as SQUARE ENIX! What masterpieces did the game maker SQUARE, which once existed, produce?
Hello everyone~! What was the content of our last article on SQUARE ENIX again......? If you're wondering, you can read the previous article in about 3 minutes, so maybe check it out for a better understanding before reading this one......!? Let's check out ENIX right away! This is Saori from Retro Video Game Republic.

【ENIX】What kind of games did they release before the merger? What games did ENIX, the predecessor of SQUARE ENIX, release?

hat is ENIX?

ENIX was a game maker that once existed.
Founded in 1975, the company was not originally a game production maker but a publishing house named “Eidan Sha Recruitment Service Center” that issued information magazines for public housing.
ENIX was the name of a subsidiary, and at the time, the company was not primarily engaged in game production.
It was in 1982, when the company name was changed to Enix, that it began to seriously participate in the gaming business as a game production company.
Initially, the company did not have in-house game development capabilities and was a dedicated publisher that only planned and sold game software.
The president at that time
“If we tie creators down, they will never produce high-quality work. It's better to treat them well as freelancers rather than restraining them as employees.”
Based on this philosophy, the business expanded gradually. After various developments, it merged and was re-established as SQUARE ENIX in 2008.
By the way, the name 'ENIX' originates from a combination of 'ENIAC,' said to be the world's first computer, and 'Phoenix,' reflecting the desire for the company's long-term prosperity.
Well, it's a bit of a complex history, but it was quite a surprise to find out that it wasn't originally a game company.
That's true! But maybe it's precisely because of that experience that some masterpieces were born...... Let's check out the lineup right away!

●Here is the lineup of masterpieces once released by ENIX!

Itadaki Street
Magical Circle Guru Guru
Mystery Dungeon
Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (The Portopia Serial Murder Case)
Tenchi Souzou (Terranigma)
Everyone, please make sure to check out ENIX's lineup!

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